Songs I Listen to Compulsively: SPECIAL DEDICATION EDITION

Despite the poor execution, I do spend a lot of time figuring out which songs appear on Songs I Listen to Compulsively. HOWEVER, there are some songs/artsits I’ve been listening to that deserve their own recognition. Week to week I will listen to a handful of songs compulsively until I can’t listen to them until a few years later. 

But I decided I want to do Songs I Listen to Compulsively: SPECIAL DEDICATION EDITION so I can gush about songs and people I’ll forever be in love with.

This week the spotlight is on queen, mother, God: Alanis Morissette. 

In no particular order, here are the songs that I could listen to all day and lay in bed and cry and make up fake scenarios to day dream about to. :) 

Remember, you can click on the title of the song for a pop-up window of the YouTube video.

1) Tapes

Listening Status: Still new to me but I will listen to at least once a week until the day I die.

Why: “I’m too exhausting to be loved.” Amiright?

2) You Learn

Listening Status: Whenever it’s on the radio.

Why: “The fiiiireetrucks are COMING UP AROUND THE BEHHEEHEEEND.”

3) That I Would Be Good

Listening Status: Heavy listening in 2008. Will listen to whenever it comes on iTunes/Spotify or when wanting to warm up vocal chords for yodeling.

Why: That’s a muthafuckin’ flute in there.

4) Uninvited

Listening Status: Favorite song since 3rd grade me saw City of Angels.

Why: Cryptic lyrics and orchestra accompaniment. 

5) Princes Familiar 

Listening Status: I never listened to this one until I saw her in concert. Please tattoo the sheet music of it on my ass.

Why: Lyrics make me giggle.



<3 Lo

Songs I Listen to Compulsively: Episode 2

And now since I can’t be sad for more than 3 minutes….

THE NEXT INSTALLMENT OF: Songs I Listen to Compulsively.

As you may have gathered from episode one, these songs may be terrible, but that makes them no less significant to my overall morale.

That being said, HERE WE GO:

1) Anything Could Happen – Ellie Goulding (holding strong from last week!)

2) Colorblind- The Counting Crows (sex!)

3) Dancing on My Own- Robyn (androgyny!)


Why you ask? Let’s find out. 

And remember you can click on the titles to listen to them and cry/sex with me!


Rate of Listening: The quantity is on the cusp of being torturous, sick, and unusual to anyone unwilling.

Why: It’s the perfect mix of adorable pop, a tinge of sadness, and a smooch of “fuck off.”


COLORBLIND- The Counting Crows

Rate of Listening: As many times as it takes to get me to have a consistent stream of tears dripping down my cheeks and onto my neck.

Why: I had not seen Cruel Intentions until this week. Two characters made love to this song. Now I want to make love to this song. Heart-wrenching and has a lyric that says the word “tongue” which I find sexy. Also flutes make me knees weak when used like they are here. Similar to Alanis’ “That I Would Be Good.” I enjoy a song that can make me feel depressed over a situation I’ve never been in as if I’ve been in it my whole life. There’s also a break in the song where it sounds like it’s over but that old tricks Dreadlocks McGooch comes back in to kill you some more. Like when you think a relationship/fling/”talking”period is over and then that other person does something that makes it start back up again. Heart flutters.

DANCING ON MY OWN- Robyn (The video version is a little different than the album version, I prefer the album. Video is worth watching and album version is worth listening to.)

Rate of Listening: Several times a week for the past year.

Why: It’s fucking Robyn. She’s incredible. You can dance and be depressed at the same time. Everybody wins! Besides, who hasn’t felt the pain of seeing someone you like with another person?



I love you.

<3 Lo

All or Nothing


An important person in your life dies, there’s a discomfort in their absence. Depending on how you deal with personal loss, it’s probably hard for you to imagine how you’ll function without them, like spending a weekend with someone – after they leave and you’re in your house by yourself and everything goes quiet.

But what happens when you experience the death of someone who was once a large part of your life?

I’m having conflicting emotions.

This weekend I found out someone who was once a very important part of my life passed away. He’s still important by way of forging the path of my dating life, a distinct honor I like the recognize for those who so bravely venture, but one that was brief and a very long time ago.

He was my very first “boyfriend”. First kiss. First crouched in the corner sobbing into my knees heartache.

We “dated” in middle school and transitioned into high school. We broke up at a school dance and I couldn’t listen to O-Town’s “All or Nothing” for a year. We remained friendly but over the years it dwindled as we grew up and went our separate ways.

I had always known he was sick, but just due to a pubescent child’s naiveté, I didn’t understand the severity of it. Even nearly a decade later though, when asked “did you hear about…” I instinctively knew what had happened. So many things I had forgotten suddenly resurfaced as I read his obituary. Names of family members and pets, dates, details of his personality.

The conflicting emotions come from partly realizing that I don’t really know that person anymore, that maybe I don’t have the right to be sad.  But I think that’s bullshit too. There’s an awkward space in me that is mourning an important figure in my timeline.

I’m down but the memories of trying to sabotage each other’s history projects or the time I was convinced to be an accomplice in killing our friend’s pet caterpillar brings the sweetest chuckle.

One of my favorite lines from queen mother Alanis, “I’m sad but I’m laughing.”

Rest in peace.

Comedians In Places Doing Things

Comedians In Places Doing Things

“Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”

Comedians in Their Basements Playing Fallout.

Comedians at the Store Label-Checking Generic Brands.

Comedians in Their Childhood Beds Flipping Through Goosebumps.

Comedians in LA, Do I Need a Headshot?

Comedians Watching Curb Your Enthusiasm Doing “Research.”

Comedians with Mom Asking for Money.

Comedians at Their Day Job Hiding in the Bathroom.

This Week: Songs I Listen to Compulsively, Episode 1

Every week or so I listen to a handful of the same songs over and over again. New, old, all genres.

This week’s picks are:


1) Cherish the Day- Sade

2) Anything Could Happen – Ellie Goulding

3) Play – David Banner

4) TIE! Come and Get It – Selena Gomez vs. Out of My League – Fitz and the Tantrums

5) ) Escape – Enrique Iglesias



HOKAY! We all know that I love all 7 minutes and 20 seconds of Sade’s No Ordinary Love BUT I’ve been listening to THIS compulsively. Click on the name for a pop-up window of the video.


Rate of listening:  Once a day.

Why:  That guitar makes my insides feel like they are going to fall out and hunk will have to stuff them back in.


And then we have…


Rate of listening: Four or more times a day.

Why: It’s catchy as frick. The piano part is punchy. I don’t listen to her other songs but I would brush this one’s butthole hair if it asked me.


Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

PLAY- David Banner 

Rate of listening: Twice a day.

Why: It makes me feel terribly uncomfortable, yet I still think it’s one of the funniest songs (intentionally or not) to ever be written.


COME AND GET IT – Selena Gomez  and OUT OF MY LEAGUE – Fitz and the Tantrums

Rate of listening: Varies between two and three.

Why: Both songs have been out for over a year and I’m just now listening to them. Come and Get It is pretty sexy and Out of My League is just a jaunty tune to swing your arms to.



Escape- Enrique Iglesias

Rate of Listening: Three to five times a day.

Why: I forgot about this song until I heard it on the radio last week. I spent money adding this song to my collection. I NEED IT. Have you heard those high notes? It makes me clap my hands and stomp one foot in such a way that I move in a circle when I do. Movie magic.


Thus concludes Songs I Listen to Compulsively. Join me next week for a whole new batch of mediocre songs I don’t stop playing until I hate them forever. :)



<3 Lo





Think about an event you’ve attended and loved. Your hometown’s annual fair. That life-changing music festival. A conference that shifted your worldview. Imagine you’re told it will be cancelled forever or taken over by an evil corporate force.

How does that make you feel?

Day 15 of the Writing 101 blog challenge that ended last month.


There are a lot of great events around Boston, but my favorite is the Eugene Mirman Comedy in Cambridge. The last few summers I’ve been buying fistfuls of tickets and forcing my friends and family to go. It’s a great way to see a mix of well-known and local comedians. If I every get to be a part of it, I’ll just cry into my little pillow at night and thank Buddha for all his good work. 

If the Eugene Mirman Comedy festival was ever taken over by an evil corporate force, I think it would have been at the hands Eugene himself.  I’m pretty sure this was discussed at last year’s festival anyways. BUT if it got canceled, I would cry into my OTHER little pillow which would activate my secret identity, SuperBuddha, and I would destroy everyone and everything in my path until justice was served. 

I don’t think I really answered the question about my feelings, but whatever I’d really like some soft serve right now. 


<3 Lo







Pick up the nearest book and flip to page 29. What’s the first word that jumps off the page? Use this word as your springboard for inspiration. If you need a boost, Google the word and see what images appear, and then go from there. 

Day 14 in a 30 challenge that ended a month ago.

“Kool-Aid” from Moshe Kasher’s Kasher in the Rye.

I googled it to see where in the lineup a Family Guy reference would place but surprisingly it came up with the “Kool-Aid Killer” hanging in the top spot. He allegedly poisoned his wife with Kool-Aid and prescription medicine. I was more of a flavored milk girl than a fruity beverage gal myself.

Speaking of prescription medicine, I had to take oxyhoohaa when I got my wisdom teeth out and nearly suffocated myself in my cat’s fur in my delirium. It was traumatic for both of us. She has white fur so Kool-Aid would stain her indefinitely. My hair is kaka brown so when any attempt at dyed tips ended in a tint I’d like to market as bloody stool sample number 40.

I’m tired, rub my butt.

<3 Lo