Pajama Problems

I found these puppies yesterday, courtesy of Target. I haven’t decided what I’m going to name them yet, so if you have any suggestions feel free to comment (Note: If you submit “Foxy” or “Vixy” this blog isn’t for you).

Anyhoo, I noticed some problems with these onesie/footie pajamas, and I’d like the share them with you so you can avoid any onesie/footie pajama incidents.

1) Be Careful Eating Muffins: You never know when a rogue crumb is going to fall down your sleeve and end up trapped underneath your foot. This is why I proposed the idea of zippable feet openings for proper ventilation and trapped food release.

2) Be Careful of Toilets: If you’re like me, you choose to let nothing come between your baby skin and your fleece pajamas. This comes at a price, however. I unzipped my onesie and used the ladies room, but to my horror, my sleeve got sucked down the toilet. After much scrubbing with Dial soap and blowdrying with a 30 year old Conair, I am lead to my next tip…

3) Be Careful of the Ponch: Or as some charmers refer it to as a word that starts with “f” and rhymes with “shmoopah.” Waiting for the rest of my sleeve to dry, I tied the top half of the onesie around my wait. Footed pants should be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe but be careful ladies! It makes the mid-section a unflattering nod to the 2nd trimester.

So there you have it. Be sure to warn any of your loved ones who are thinking of purchasing a onesie/footie pajama set. (Or using the bathroom or going to the 90’s). Many blessed onesie nights to you!


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