Dogs and Stuff

This list is real old and real crappy. ENJOY!


Dog Names and Their Corresponding Traits

Rocky-  Big, Lovable, Dumb. Frequently knocks down trashcans and your grandmother.

Buddy-  Sweetheart, Looks cute in neckerchiefs, Attention whore. Brings in paper, shits in shoes.

Chelsea (or Kelly) –  Smart, Good with kids, Travels well. Stomach issues, diarrhea all over your summer home.

Skip-  Small, Fast, Sunny disposition. Prone to being hit by cars/elderly neighbors.

Pompom- Jealous, Fluffy, Plans for world domination. Fits easily in purse or glove box, will kill your children.

Roxy- Loyal, Abnormally long tongue, Loves swimming, and sunglasses. Might be a lesbian.

Tucker – Very intelligent, Military training, Long legs. Smarter than you, uses your MacBook Pro while you’re watching Girls. 

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