Will Sasso Giggled

Little things make me extremely happy.

I don’t really tweet to celebrities a lot but I love the Ten Minute Podcast with Bryan Callen, Chris D’Elia, and Will Sasso. The other day they asked their female audience to “Ask Shawna,” the queen of urban comedy, (and one of the many hysterical characters Will does) life advice questions.

I tweeted a question and, to my surprise, Bryan read it on air. AND WILL SASSO GIGGLED AT IT. 

A small thing, but it really made my week. 

Check the 2:55 mark!

 “LoloVonK” is me, only it’s pronounced Lolo Von K. (LoloKirby was taken).



I had to share that before I burst.

Until next time, kittens. 

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