May I Borrow That Stretcher?

Well, crap. 

I’m starting to take my health a little bit more seriously these days. I figure if I’m going to be super famous, I should start working on my super famous body. I want to be fit, so you can  go ahead and invite me down to the river to wash out some of your linens on my perfectly sculpted abs.

I box and roller skate, but these activities only cancel out so much Coke and pizza after a certain period of time. So, I thought I’d take baby steps. Really. I downloaded a pedometer app (which yay! counts just touching the phone as 3 steps) and stuck it in my back pocket for the day.

Apparently, the ideal amount of steps to take in a day is 10,000. I’m in decent shape, but Jesus, at 5pm I hadn’t even broke 1,000…and that was being conscious that I would probably have to take more steps than normal. 

I went home, ate a salad, and immediately went out to do errands in hopes to get some more steps in. Well, 4 hours and $150 spent, I was closing in on 3,000 steps. Not even to the halfway point and my legs were already sore. 

Now the resentment of my desk job is starting to seep in as the remainder of my muscle melts into extra flesh. You think the Pillsbury company could use a girl mascot?

This is going to be an interesting journey. My love affair with Coke and pizza might be interrupted by my nagging body, demanding attention.

Alright my little love dumps. Until next time!

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