Twenty facts about me.

  1. I love stand-up (comedy).
  2. My middle name is Kirby.
  3. I love the X-Files.
  4. I got through a couple rounds of tryouts for Wheel of Fortune.
  5. I love roller skating (and derby skating).
  6. I have a yellow rose tattooed on my forearm.
  7. I am heavily considering getting an X-Files related tattoo.
  8. I was a Van Halen girl extra in an Adam Sandler movie. 
  9. I graduated in 2011 with a degree in English with a Writing concentration.
  10. I love Coke. 
  11. I love mocha iced coffee.
  12. I make YouTube videos of Nutcrackers singing. They are intended to be terrible.
  13. I’m running out of things to say about myself.
  14. I almost pissed in my dad’s ashes once.
  15. I took some writing classes through the Second City and it was the greatest.
  16. My cat has diabetes so I give her shots because I love her furever.
  17. I want to write comedy and do stand-up for the rest of my life.
  18. I play Gears of War a lot.
  19. I’m not certain that I’m using the functions in Gmail correctly.
  20. My first name is Lauren. 

Tah-dah! Not that interesting facts about me.

In all fairness, I am eating ice cream, so that’s distracting.

Until next time, my sklerpnergs.

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