Nine. Nine. Nine.

Blog challenge.

Day Nine!

What are my worst habits?


The one that is the most persistent and gets me into “trouble” is that after meeting someone and I decided I like them, I immediately begin to think we are secretly in love and start imagining our future.

That’s fine enough, if kept to one’s self.

But I don’t do that.

I forget that we aren’t that great of friends, and bombard them with love and affection.

It can get weird.

A lot of people play along, but when they don’t, me and my emotions come to a screeching halt.

More bad habits?

I have a horrendous temper.

I lost my pedometer the other day and spent 45 minutes tearing the house apart, slamming things, swearing, etc.

I realized later it was in my car, but not before leaving a path of mass destruction.

Other than that I guess I’m perfect, right? *farts*


Until next time, my  little zack attacks.

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