My Best Physical Feature, BY: Me *kisses mirror*

Day 10 of the Blog Challenge!

I have to pick my BEST physical feature.

How do you expect me to do that when all my physical features are THE BEST.

You know, because my self esteem to shooting across the sky like rockets filled with Mentos, Diet Coke, and Pop Rocks.

I don’t think anyone can name their best physical feature with out it looking like a “humblebrag.”

BUT if you’re going to tie my hands behind me back (which I know you are totes doing that virtually), I guess I would have to say….

MY EYELASHES. *bat bat bat*

I’m sure wherever you are sitting you felt like your computer turned on a Beyonce-force fan.

I bet your eyebrows have nearly blown clean off your face.

That whole butterfly effect mumbo jumbo?

I’m totally effecting your world and how you live in it just by how frequently I blink these eyeball hair fans.


So there you have it.

Until next time, my little dinette sets.

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