Timeline of My Life…I Mean Day.

Blog Challenge! Day 15!

1) Woke up.

2) Checked horoscope. (Sad, I know).

3) Stood up and walked wearily around my room trying to figure out who and where I was.

4) Showered, beautified, sat in front of A/C.

5) Got in car and drove a bunch to get to my stand-up class.

6) Laughed, performed, laughed, and laughed.

7) Left and went to CVS and got REALLY uncomfortable over a guy yelling about the price of his 20 oz. soda. If they charged $300 for Coke, it’d be worth it PAL.

8) Got in my car and drove a bunch of hours back to my house where I immediately sat and watched the X-Files and ate dinner and waited for ice cream.ย 

9) Typed this blog post while waiting for ice cream.

10) Still waiting for ice cream.ย 

And that’s pretty much where I’m at right now, from 7AM to 7:15PM.

Thrilling, right?


In other news, I did get to see Brian Regan last night! It was hot as fuck but it was a good show. Didn’t get to meet him after, but we locked eyes at one point and that to me says that we are now BFF’s and we’re going on tour together. Hooray!

Well, I must be getting back to my Mulder now.

Until next time, my little Chicken Diddles!

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