Day 21…FOOD

Day 21 of the Blog Challenge.

Ten of my favorite foods.

My relationship with food is a passionate one.

1) Coke. Sweet, delicious, canned or fountain Coke. I try not to drink it more than once a week but some days I need something to take the edge off.

2) Tacos. An amalgamation of foods hugged together by a warm shell. If that’s not love, then I don’t want to know anything more.

3) Chinese food. Beef teriyaki, chicken fingers, spare ribs, pork fried rice. The only food worth eating regardless of knowing I’ll feel like dying right after.

4) Pizza. Linguica and onion.

5) Ice cream. Frozen yogurt. BRB.

6) Oreos.

7) French onion soup. Go try LongHorn Steakhouse’s. I’m ready to sign on as their official spokesperson.

8) Mocha Iced Coffee blerguhlerguhlurgerluerg

9) English Muffin Pizzas….very different from regular pizza but still fantastic.

10) Salted butter. On everything. Forever.

And that’s it! It took me 5 days to write this post. AHHH!

Until next time my little deep fried humplings!

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