Not Dead Still

Hey crapples!

Today’s kewschun is brought to you by the letter B for Book. 

“What’s your favorite childhood book?”

This one’s a doozy. I have a lot of favorite children’s books, but my favorite childhood book is different. 

Well, books. Because childhood was kind of long, amiright?

My first pick, is from the earlier childhood years:

Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse, By Kevin Henkes.



There are other books that take place in Lilly’s world, but I’ve only read this one. I love the illustrations, and now thinking about it, I guess I connected with Lilly because she was a freak like me. A nice, shy, freak who has a great fashion sense and secretly craves the spotlight until she gets any attention.

It’s adorable, read it now, go bye.


The second book comes in the later years of childhood. This was the first book I read several times for enjoyment. Chunky, twelve-year-old me was really into TV and Hotpockets, so that was a milestone.

Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great, by Judy Blume.



I had always loved the Superfudge books, and I don’t know why I picked up this one up because I always thought Sheila was a friggen bitch. I ended up reading it and realized I was wrong. WAY TO JUDGE A CHARACTER WITHOUT REALLY KNOWING HER, LOLO, YA BIG JERK. Lesson learned. 


There you have it. Next the next post’s question we will be exploring my 5 favorite blogs. I don’t have 5 favorite blogs so things might get a little hairy.

But until next time, my little salt lickers!

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