Disregarding the Question Entirely and Showing You Pictures of Stuff I Like

Hey fartsniffers!

It’s Day 25 of the Blog Challenge that I’ve managed to stretch out over the course of 4 months.

I’m going to continue my lax attitude by ignoring this question all together.

The question was “What are your 5 favorite blogs?

I don’t  read blogs too much, but when I need to laugh, there are 5 comics I like to go to.

1) Owl Turd Comix

Below is one of my favorite comics from Owl Turd. The facial expressions kill me.


2) Gunshow by KC Green

I don’t think needs an explanation.


3) Calm Blue Oceans

These usually have a life lesson with a little twist to them. Two of my favorites:Image



4) Three Word Phrase

Another one that doesn’t need any explanation.



5) Natalie Dee

One of the first things on the internet that I identified with. That’s saying something.



Well time to go watch a heart-wrenching movie and pour ice cream down my throat.

Until next time my little satchmo toot-toot-dee-doots.

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