Who the Hell is That?

Hey kids!

We are in for a real freakin’ treat today.

Today’s blog challenge is:

Post an old picture of yourself.

Let’s brace ourselves.



Ain’t she sweet?

My reaction to this is something along the lines of blaaaaaarksdkfjasdnfiwenfn.

What a cornball. She probably just enjoyed a nice salad or a yogurt. Bought a few tank tops off Forever21. Huffed some glitter nail polish behind the couch.

This picture is from 2011 when I submitted it to be in Adam Sandler’s super-mega-smash-cream-hugo-kaboom-hit movie That’s My Boy.

I got in! I was a “Van Halen girl” and got to jump around to Van Halen music during a concert scene that ended up getting cut from the movie. While filling out some paper work before shooting, I accidentally broke my pen and got ink all over the pants the wardrobe department lent me. Cue me sobbing and cursing in the bathroom scrubbing my crotch, leaving my bleached denim with a giant, inky, water spot.

I think there may be a more current picture of me floating around on here, but for comparison:

Photo on 2013-09-07 at 18.47 #4

More genuine than the other.

Anyhoo, almost done with the blog challenge, only a few more questions left!

Until next time, my little star-crossed blubbers.

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