Again, Not Dead

Hey you crazy crackerjacks! 

Again, another post to PROVE once and for all I’m not dead. Just busy. 

And by busy I mean I went to Beyonce’s concert last week and have been trying to make up a unique dance routine to each of her songs ever since. Specifically her song “Superpower” though.  Here’s a slowed down version of it that I roll around to. –> <– I’ve listened to it 3 times already trying to type this. 

Christmas was also a thing that happened. Santa brought me a YELLOW Keurig. It is now my beloved. 

I finished the X-Files, I finished Twin Peaks, and now I’m onto The Wire. I don’t even want to talk about Twin Peaks because it broke my goddamn heart. MY. GOD. DANG. HEART. I love you Agent Dale Cooper now and forever.

I signed up for more Second City classes via the internet because I’ve been getting irritated with myself that I spend all this time watching stuff and not writing. I have my Twitter which takes the edge off when I have a joke flying around my head but it’s becoming my virtual dumping ground. Like a pseudo-accomplishment. Tony Robbins says I need to raise my standards and I believe him because he has a Hulk Hogan voice.

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, SO don’t drink and drive and be THAT guy/girl/merman/dog barf and ruin everyone’s night/life. 

Agreed? AGREED. BUTTCHEEKS on three! OneTwoThree BUTTCHEEKS! 

Until next time my slap happies!


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