A ButtCrap List

Remember there was once a time in my blogging youth when I would post rejected lists?

WELL, you my friend are in luck/have no choice BECAUSE:

I started entering my poopcrapbutt lists into internet publishers again.

Here’s an official list of some bands I’m hoping to see at Coachella this year! (And for $1200 trip, some of them better fucking manifest our I’m throwing a hellstorm of a middle-of-the-desert tantrum).


Less Popular Bands on Coachella’s Lineup:

Dystopian Fiction
Fixie Pixies
Internet Bacon Forever
Twerky and the YOLOs
Andrew W2K
I Wish I Was Young David Bowie
How do you know they aren’t real bands? More importantly, how do EYE know they aren’t real bands? They probably are, in which case I apologize and  please don’t hate me.
Alright my dumpling ding dong donk fronk mock-o-sins*, have a friggen super great day or whatever I don’t care love you bye.
(*Hmm, Mock-o-Sins, also another band name?)

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