I Can Feel My Face

Hey crapshoots!

One year ago this month I got my wisdom teeth pulled out! All five of them! (I’m proof my family is devolving. But we already knew that.)

It just so happened that when the surgeon attempted to take out the fifth, he hit a nerve, leaving the left side of my mouth numb. Brushing my teeth on that side didn’t feel like anything, my chin on that side was always on pins and needles, and I couldn’t fully feel my mouth smooching my box of Lucky Charms when I got home from work.

BUT the past few days, upon shoveling graham crackers into my mouth, I noticed I could feel CRUMBS on my face. FREAKIN’ CRUMBS. *sets off fireworks spelling out CRUMBS in the air*

Sometimes that’s all we need in life to feel joy. Sweet, delicious, crumbs on your face.

Don’t make that a sexual innuendo.

I’m serious.


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