I Don’t Know How to Use the WordPress App/Listen to Me Spill My Guts Out

Hello my scribbleflarps,

I’ve been using my phone for the last couple posts and I have to say, when I reread them on my laptop, I want to throw-up and snap it in half (my laptop, not my barf). I’ll be working on proofreading what my fat thumbs are trying to say to you people. I can only imagine what screwball messages they’ll come up with next.

I also realized, as much as I love WordPress, I have no idea how to navigate the site. That goes for the regular version and the mobile version. I just click on a bunch of buttons and hope to God I get to the “New Post” or “Edit” page.

In other news, I had another “what am I doing with my life” meltdown.

The crisis du jour was over why I want to be in comedy and humor writing. I spend a lot of time, energy, and effort on it and I had a moment where I started to think, am I working towards something I really want?

Thank God for Mike Birbiglia’s “Thank God for Jokes” tour. I went on Valentine’s Day and forced my mother along. When Mike started talking about his love for jokes and joke writing, it reminded me why I do it. Sometimes you get so caught up in the pursuit, you forget what you’re chasing and why you’re chasing it.

I figured out my dilemma, which seldom happens.
I had taken myself out of the equation for a while. I was thinking so much of how this would be helping others. What would I be contributing to people who hear or read my comedy? I started thinking that I had nothing of value to offer.

It really bothered me. Why would I do something if it wasn’t aiding anybody. I can be a very selfish and reclusive person, and I’ve been trying to change that. Now this is going to sound really cornflakes (cornballs might be made of styrofoam and should not be ingested, more details to follow) but listening to Mike Birbiglia talking about how much he loved joke writing and comedy, I realized that that was the whole point. I love it. And Jesus, if you love something, isn’t that the best reason to have?

It all came crashing down on me after that. A good crashing. A crashing that involved some Kumbayah and realizing that if you love something, your passion ultimately inspires and helps others. Yay, Circle of Life or something.

What are your loves and passions? How do you remain grounded and inspired?

Alright, thank you for reading, my little scoochnerds.

K love you,

Lolo von Itsreallyherthumbstalkingsteinbergson

5 thoughts on “I Don’t Know How to Use the WordPress App/Listen to Me Spill My Guts Out

  1. This is actually really good — if you expand on it more, I think you could pitch as a personal essay and submit it… the exploration of comedy and women’s role is a good one, and you show great vulnerability in talking about your own private traits (selfish qualities, etc) that are great for a reader to attach to. Idk much about which magazines or journals typically publish comedy-related pieces, but Slate, Salon, The HuffPo, etc may be good routes to look into if you revise/expand on the piece.

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