Published! Hip Hip HOORAY.

I said HOORAY, God dammit.

This week I hit a very big goal that’s been on my vision board for a few years. Although I think it’s taken me longer than the average person to succeed with this, I think it made the fruition of it more special. BUT I’ve made it onto McSweeney’s!

Here’s the link to my list:

List: Honest Résumé Objectives

Check it out, share it, print it, burn it, press it onto a t-shirt, make it into a mug, tattoo it on your ass.


ALSO, this week is the Women in Comedy Festival in Boston! Headlining tonight is Maria Bamford at the Wilbur. I wish I could go but I went to Bobcat Goldthwait, Eugene Mirman, Aziz Ansari last week and I went to Target twice. Now I’m sitting at my desk eating baker’s chocolate out of the bag and writing poetry about my period.

Ciao muthafuckas,

❤ Lo

7 thoughts on “Published! Hip Hip HOORAY.

  1. Ummm, the link doesn’t work. I was going to retweet it to my friend Lois C.K. but I can’t now that I don’t have the right link. Oh well, I guess he will have to find someone else to tour with.

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