Writing 101 Challenge-DAY ONE: I Burnt Its Head Off

Today starts the Writing 101 challenge. Every weekday I will be writing a post based on the prompt.

For today’s post, it’s just supposed to be stream of conscious…so good luck getting through this.

I drove to my family’s house today which is about an hour and a half from where I live. I listened to Marc Maron’s WTF podcast featuring Duncan Trussel and then I started listening to the Artie Lange one but I pulled into my driveway about 20 minutes into it. I bought windshield shades for my car because it’s black and so is the interior and it gets hot as fuck in there. I bought Listerine strips and they melted all over a bunch of pennies and bobby pins I had in the cup holder. I also left my water bottle in the car overnight and I drank out of it and it was hot and tasted like a filtered down version of tar. That reminds me of the term blacktop that Louis Sachar used in The Wayside School books. I should read those again. Anyways, the windshield shades have pictures of an island and some palm trees although I think they could really make a profit if you could send your own image in like you sitting in your car and then people would walk by and they’d think you were in your car only you really weren’t and you’d really fool them.

This challenge is supposed to last 20 minutes and I’m not supposed to filter it. I haven noticed that my right had gets used way more when I’m typing or at least it going way faster than my left hand. 

I thought of a good premise for a joke today but I can’t remember it. It was similar to my joke about how I don’t know how to light a match (although I really don’t, so jokes on me, amiright?) but something along the lines of being a simple thing people encounter and yet we don’t know how to do it. I’ve been trying to trace my steps and track my thought process. Something to do with a tea kettle? Maybe lotion? I don’t know but if I remember that would be great.

I also bought a candle today shaped like a honey comb. It had a little bee ornament on it, only I didn’t realize that it was an ornament until it’s head started melting and black smoke billowed out of it and wafted it’s way into my open mouth. I was sad because I wanted to keep the little guy but now his head is all black and mushy. 

I’m not sure how long I’ve been typing but it’s felt like…10..20 minutes. My cat is looking at me. I want to finish reading the X-Files comic book I have. I’m a little worried about Scully’s well-being. 

What the fuck was that joke about. It’s bothering me. A comedian should never trust themselves to remember a premise or a joke without writing it down because there’s a 85% chance it’s gone forever. I say 85% because our lives are pretty repetitive so I feel that there is a twinkling light of a chance that it may come up again. 

I wonder how I’m doing in the spellcheck/grammatical error department. I’m trying to stick to the challenge closely, so I haven’t been reading what I’ve been writing. You really deserve some sort of acknowledgement if you’ve made it this far in my post. 

Alright, I think I’m clocked in around 20 minutes.

Ciao flerqflarps ❤ 



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