Falling Behind, A Room with a View

I’ve been in Colorado for the past few days. 

I haven’t had access to my laptop because I was too busy getting nosebleeds in the Mountains of Vail.

SO it’s time from the Writing 101 Challenge, DAY TWO. Where would I travel to if I could go anywhere in the world, RIGHT NOW? I don’t like long posts, so I won’t be doing the twist to the challenge today. 

If I could go anywhere right now, other than my bed back home or at my mom’s house to give my cat extra kisses, I’d like to be at a local comedy show. I’ve taken classes and seen shows at my  alma mater/mothership, ImprovBoston, and there something about it, whether driving or walking past it and especially walking into it, my heart starts racing like the way you feel when you’re about to go on a first date. I think it’s a mix between memories of being scared shitless to go in for class or to be in the same room with some of the funniest people in Massachusetts. It’s exhilarating and terrifying and great. 

It’s like walking into your old elementary school and breathing in. The smell makes all the anxiety ridden memories come back. Like that time I did a somersault during story-time and I didn’t get a sticker for good behavior at the end of the day. It was horrible. 

I love comedy, I love the camaraderie of it, and I love watching people succeed in doing something they love. It’s inspiring and motivating and reminds me why I do what I do. Sometimes you get so caught up trying to figure out your own story and what your porpoise is. Mine’s Porky the Porpoise. But it’s a reminder that if you love what you do, you’re doing good for yourself and others. Which is cool or whatever. *belch*

Okay kids, good luck to everyone participating in Writing 101. 

Follow me on Twitter @LoloVonK where I make jokes that don’t make sense.

ciao dinglehoppers. 

❤ Lo




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