A Letter I Found

But not really.

Day 5 Blog Challenge is supposed to be a story about finding a letter that means a lot to you and you wish you could return it to the person to whom it’s addressed.

I love reading fiction but it’s something that I just never had the drive to pursue. I used to write stories when I was little but I’d always leave them unfinished because at an early age I was able to recognize my shortcomings. Hehe.

If I had found a letter, I know it would be addressed to Ms. Hamrietta McTrufflesnout. The contents of the letter would be the date and time for her hearing at the slaughterhouse. Real “Pink is the New Orange” type stuff. It wouldn’t state what exactly her crime was, but by the tone of the letter it would seem that if she didn’t show up to her hearing then she would be hunted down and brought in immediately. If she did show up at the correct date and time, then maybe she’d be able to please her case and move on to her normal oinky lifestyle.

I think that’s worth finding and getting to her, right?



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