Songs I Listen to Compulsively: Episode 2

And now since I can’t be sad for more than 3 minutes….

THE NEXT INSTALLMENT OF: Songs I Listen to Compulsively.

As you may have gathered from episode one, these songs may be terrible, but that makes them no less significant to my overall morale.

That being said, HERE WE GO:

1) Anything Could Happen – Ellie Goulding (holding strong from last week!)

2) Colorblind– The Counting Crows (sex!)

3) Dancing on My Own– Robyn (androgyny!)


Why you ask? Let’s find out. 

And remember you can click on the titles to listen to them and cry/sex with me!


Rate of Listening: The quantity is on the cusp of being torturous, sick, and unusual to anyone unwilling.

Why: It’s the perfect mix of adorable pop, a tinge of sadness, and a smooch of “fuck off.”


COLORBLIND- The Counting Crows

Rate of Listening: As many times as it takes to get me to have a consistent stream of tears dripping down my cheeks and onto my neck.

Why: I had not seen Cruel Intentions until this week. Two characters made love to this song. Now I want to make love to this song. Heart-wrenching and has a lyric that says the word “tongue” which I find sexy. Also flutes make me knees weak when used like they are here. Similar to Alanis’ “That I Would Be Good.” I enjoy a song that can make me feel depressed over a situation I’ve never been in as if I’ve been in it my whole life. There’s also a break in the song where it sounds like it’s over but that old tricks Dreadlocks McGooch comes back in to kill you some more. Like when you think a relationship/fling/”talking”period is over and then that other person does something that makes it start back up again. Heart flutters.

DANCING ON MY OWN- Robyn (The video version is a little different than the album version, I prefer the album. Video is worth watching and album version is worth listening to.)

Rate of Listening: Several times a week for the past year.

Why: It’s fucking Robyn. She’s incredible. You can dance and be depressed at the same time. Everybody wins! Besides, who hasn’t felt the pain of seeing someone you like with another person?



I love you.

❤ Lo

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