Weekend from Planet Emotions

August has been busy and exciting as CRAP. This past weekend I felt like I barfed my soul out of my chest. I’m usually a tame version of myself when out in public but I lost it Friday and Saturday. On Sunday it felt like I was speaking five octaves lower than I normally do. I dumped a bunch of Alka-Seltzer down my throat and tried not to throw up at the Yanni concert.

It began at the Robyn concert which she started to play a string of her popular songs, starting with “Indestructible” followed by “Call Your Girlfriend” and “Dancing On My Own.” It was wild which everyone jumping up and down and screeching the lyrics, but once THIS song started everything got still. It’s been one of my favorite songs for a while, so I choked up a little when it started. I just had a moment of Holy shit, she’s right there and this is happening. I get to see this and have this moment. It was a little after the 2:23 mark of the song that the choked up turned into me burying my face into my hands and wailing. It was beyond what Queen Oprah calls “the ugly cry.” It was little kid sobbing at the grocery store because mom won’t buy the Lunchables.  *sobsobsobsob huuuugeeebreeeeaaattthhhiiiinn sobsobsob* 

After the concert we walked down into a bar with an 80’s cover band that played two more of my favorite songs (“Your Love” by The Outfield and “Kickstart My Heart” by Motley Crue). At that point I was on a high from Robyn that I danced like a maniac and did the Andy-Dufresne-standing-in-the-rain-pose while screaming to all the songs. If I didn’t go to bed that night I’d probably be still awake now. 

Saturday was my cousin’s wedding which was incredible. Same deal again. The music was fantastic and everyone was so happy to be together. I got a little too excited halfway through and had to put myself in timeout so I wouldn’t throw up. 🙂

What’s awesome is that both nights, strangers and family members alike came up to me and my friends saying how much they loved watching us dance and how they wanted to join. I was always a sidelines girl growing up so it meant a lot to me that I’ve come around to be someone that other people see and want to jump up and down and scream to Love Shack with.



Rejections. I’ve been submitting essays and lists here and there and the rejection letters I’ve been getting have said “we were about to use this but decided against it in the final round” or “this was extremely tempting but we’re going to pass.” It’s easier sometimes to be way off the mark because at least then you could blame it on so many different factors. When it’s so close to being accepted, you have to find that one little reason that made someone change their mind about it. At least I’m getting closer. 



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