National Novel Writing Month…Hooray or Nay, You Say?

November! More Fall! More Food! Maybe Fun?

Along with all these great things November slaps you on the butt with, it also brings NATIONAL NOVEL WRITING MONTH (NaNoWriMo)!

I’m curious, is this something you’re into or is it much like the celeb du jour (I think it’s Taylor Swift this week, get it girl!) where it seems everywhere you turn it’s THERE, it’s not bad, it’s just THERE. AGAIN. GOOD GOD.

I think the intention behind it is very noble. So many people have “write a book” on their bucket list but when realizing how much work it is, it gets scribbled off and replaced by “skydiving” or ” learn to extreme coupon.” Which, by the way, if someone can extreme coupon and get me a hoarder’s amount of Alka Seltzer, I’d be forever fizzy in your debt.

Like many socially impaired, overweight, multi-colored-elastics-on their-braces children, I would write little stories all the time. Of course I couldn’t be bothered to finish them, I had Hot Pockets to tend to. But now with more focus (on my life expectancy clock) I feel ready to get some work done and maybe start writing more too. HEHE, GET IT? WORK DONE. Gosh, what a riot.

I don’t fit into “NaNoWriMo” really, as I have no current desire to write a novel. Character arc…coherency…consistency…anything really pertaining to a fictional story was never my forte. The same structure essentially applies to non-fiction but talking about my own experiences is easier than talking about someone else’s because I’m sure I’d get jealous the little freak I created was getting all the attention. 🙂

I’m still trying to stick to the word count though. I told you about my “Story Bored” in a previous post and now I can set aside time to write the essays I want to. Not that I couldn’t before but god forbid I complete anything on my own agenda.

So, how are you feeling about NaNoWriMo? Are you working on anything? I want to know!

k love you, don’t forget to wipe your feet.

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