I’ve reawakened my love for Pokemon the past few weeks. I’ve been watching the Indigo League seasons and wearing my new Pokemon hat every day because I’m a big fat freak. Anyone who comments on my hat and brings up how much they like Pokemon, I immediately have to challenge them to a Pokemon name-off. No one has taken me up on the offer and has swiftly walked away. It’s probably for the better, my competitive side is not sportsmanlike. Or ladylike. Or likable at all.

After the first Pokemon movie I drifted out of it. Just like I did after the Rugrats first movie. The movies always seem to derail the series. Get your new characters and weird new animation OUTTA MY FACE.

In other news, I’m writing out my Christmas cards. After I send them out, I’ll post the photos here as to not spoil the surprise.

SO. What’s yer favorite packymanz? I like Bulbasaur because he’s très adorable. Is he my number 1 hitter? No. But again, TRÈS ADORABLE. Are there any shows that got ruined for you after their movie or any particular turn (FOR THE WORSE?)


k bye i love you remember to wipe your butt.

2 thoughts on “POKEYMANZ

  1. Have you been playing the new Pokemon game that came out? I would challenge you to a name off, but I’m starting to forget all of them except Garbador. Because he is coolest. I mean, the stinkiest.

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