Patches the GooGoo Butt


I have a patch test on my back right now. When I typed that it auto corrected to “psych test” twice so I don’t know if I should also start making my appointment with a therapist too. 

I went to the dermatologist and she slapped these babies on my back. I can’t reach and stretch for 3 days until they come off. I also can’t get them wet, so no showering. Which is great because I usually shower anyways so I WIN. (Maybe not true but you can’t smell me so how do you know for sure?)

Oh, but I lose because I sweat to death in my little hot box for a bed. I keep my room at 55° (the lowest the heat will go without having the landlord spank me) and have both ceiling and desk fan on. This little baked potato body just wants to roast. 

If you’re wondering why I’m a “GooGoo Butt” then you should ask yourself the more important question which is why aren’t YOU identifying as a GooGoo Butt? Maybe you are one and you don’t know it. But you are so problem solved.

It’s time for my Oprah meditation. I’m not joking she has an app and a free mediation experience for 21 days. I keep falling asleep during them because I’m transcending reality or overtired, I’m not sure.

Okay I love you bye wipe your dog off! 

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