Archangel Dropsmoneyalotiel

A few weeks back I decided to drop $300+ on an Angel Card Reading Certification class. I figured if you’re going to do weird shit, you might as well be certified to do it.

I bought traditional tarot cards a while back because I thought it would be fun but you can only pull the Devil card so many times before you start to wonder if you’re part demon.

I went to a weekend workshop for intuitive people and met a lady who talked a lot of about angel card readings. They work similar to traditional tarot but they aren’t as scary and don’t have knives and frowny people on every single card.

I’ve never been super religious but I have been obsessed with learning about all religions and spirituality. I was forced into Sunday School from my Roman Catholic upbringing but all I remember from it is that I got a Beanie Baby for finishing one of the classes. Needless to say, this has been an interesting turn of events, now that I have five Angel Tarot and Oracle card decks. Maybe if I get more I can start laying them like bricks and build a fort and live in in forever.

If you want a reading, feel free to comment and I’ll give you one. They’re fun and helpful and you can either take the advice or you can wipe your ass with it and call it a day.

hehe k bye eat some dates or figs they’re good.

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