Sea Enema: Where Nemo Lives Maybe?

Tomorrow I have a Halloween costume dance  to go to with my mother.

I’ve only known about the dance for a few days but I’ve heard that the other attendees have been working on their costumes for months.

The theme is “Arrrt and Souls” or “under water” for the lay person. It’s at the community art center (GET IT?! ARRRT? Although pirates typically don’t live under water but who’s put limits on their existence.)

I really hope it just turns out to be an Enchantment Under the Sea dance and I save my family from disappearing.

In my race to get a relevant costume, I made the quick and misguided decision of being a sea anemone. It wasn’t until about 4 seconds ago that I realized I haven’t even been pronouncing it correctly. When I was talking to a coworker today, I mentioned I was going to the aquatic theme dance as a sea enema.I knew that I was saying enema instead of anemone but this little scrambled eggs brain has a hard time getting my mouth to say the things it wants to correctly.

AS for my costume, my choice was made because I didn’t want to spend a lot of money and I had access to A LOT of pink and orange ribbon. I also have a Finding Nemo stuffed animal so he’s going to come to the dance as my date. I also needed fast and effective relief so I could be regular again.

My costume is packed for after work. I hope the ribbons don’t rip to shreds while it”s in there or spontaneously combust.

Wish me lick and I hope I win the coveted “Most Likely to Not Be Able to Pronounce Costume Name.”

Hooray! Okay goodnight love you bye don’t forget to check your Halloween candy before donating all the KitKats to me BYE!

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