I Did It! Talk to Angels 101.

Oh my little troll boys and troll girls, I finally did it. I COMPLETED MY ANGEL CARD READING COURSE. I managed to squeeze eight weeks out of a six week course because I ended up reaching out and practicing on some friends, families, and strangers and booked myself into oblivion for two weeks. It was awesome and the acceptance was overwhelming. I wasn’t ostracized for coming out of the Angel Card Reading closet. 

Now, I might be a loon but at least I have the digitalized credentials to back up my loon claims. 


I’m experimenting over at Blogger.com to see how that goes. Click Here to See! 

I have a PayPal all set up and I’m offering a “Try Me!” Rate of $10 per question. 

All Angel Card related questions can be emailed to LaurenAngelReadings@gmail.com.

I’m going to maintain the blogs separately as I like to dump all my thoughts here where they an be appreciated by my lovely peers hehe. I even got a new phone so I can update more. Yay!

Well, this little troll girl is going to continue counting down the hours until I can stuff my face with gravy and stuffing. 

Big thanks to everyone helped me get my certification. THANK YOU!


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