Christmas Cards No More

As you may know, I’ve been doing an annual Christmas card for the past 3 years. I dress up as something stupid and walk into a JC Penney and have them take my picture as I lay seductively across the vinyl winter backdrop.

Unfortunately, this year  I found out that my beloved JC Penney of choice was closed earlier this year as a move from corporate. So sad. The employees there were getting used to me making a mockery of their profession and I will miss them barely tolerating me. I like to think they moved onto something more fulfilling but I’m very thankful for their time and patience as I gave direction on how to capture my antlers and red nose at just the right angle.

This year I found a new JC Penney buuuuUUuuUut they are busy little elves with –which I just found out– a broken camera. I can only imagine the hoards of families skewering the employees for a mechanical failure, especially since this was the last week before the cards and photos can get developed in time for Christmas. Thankfully, I know if I can’t dress up like an asshole because of a technical problem then that  just means I can lay on the couch for a few extra hours watching Undercover Boss. HOORAY!

Needless to say, my Christmas cards this year are now New Year’s Eve cards soooOo it’ll be a post-Christmas surprise in the mail. ANOTHER HOORAY! Dare to be different, am I right?

Does anyone have a Christmas tradition they like to do? Has it ever gone “wrong?” I WANNA KNOW!

Okay I love you bye!



2 thoughts on “Christmas Cards No More

  1. Hellooo….2 words. Photo booth. You could have gone in Lolo and come out Rudolph. Like a Christmasey Clark Kent/ Superman. ” It’s a deer no a reindeer, noooo it’s the freak from the Yankee Candle store!”

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