Kitties Kitties Kitties

I’ve hopped on board the HMS Neko Astume ship and me and my babies have set sail merrily across the sea. 

For those of you who are unaware, Neko Astume is an app that is essentially a Pokemon game for kitty lovers. You have your little backyard and you set out various toys, food, play houses, etc to lure kitties in. Once a kitty shows up, their data is logged in to a Pokedex type catalogue. You can take pictures and make photo albums and all the fun stuff you’d wanna do if a bunch of kitties were playing in your backyard. Here is a glimpse of one of my more recent discoveries:  


They take after their mom, don’t they? 

They also have great names and distinctive personalities.  

Bandit IS wild at heart.

At first I thought the game was boring but I find it’s a calming distraction from all the other apps I have. 

I’m curious about the power level for the cat…its gotta mean something more…

My question is Have Your Ever Been Obsessed with a Phone Game? If so, what and  why?

K I love you 143 bye!

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