Quite Tired

Hello DingDongs!

It’s been almost a month since I last posted so let’s cut to the chase. I went and bought a RUSH t-shirt and my life has really been on the upswing. Thank you and goodnight.

I also wrote my first packet! NBC has a Late Night Writer’s Workshop every year and to submit you have to follow a set of guidelines and create a sketch packet accordingly. The submission window is only open for two weeks and if you’re a writer you know that means 1 week and 6 days to ignore all sense of duty and use your last 24 hours to crank out the best goddamn work you possibly can.

I had to work 9-5 during my last 24 hours so around 6pm I wrote a page worth of monologue jokes, a page worth of desk bits, and two sketches. I loved doing it but after finishing six hours later,  I cried for 20 minutes because it felt like a milestone  AND I had hot chocolate for dinner AND because I actually was able to focus. I recently took an adult ADD examination where the “high/severe” scale was scored around 15-20. I got a 41.

In other news, I got an article onto a website I love!

How to Look Hot in Your Stilettos When You Broke Your Toe in Them Four Hours Ago

Click ^ that ^ link to go to the Reductress website. It’s like a female run version of The Onion.

Anyways, WordPress is getting glitchy so I’m gonna say night night so NIGHT NIGHT. xoxo

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