Hellooooo, Helloooo…


I’m at a place called Vertigggoooo*.

(*I did not know that was the line and have been singing it wrong since 2004. Frankly, I also have no idea what the song is about.)

The past few months I’ve been getting what feels like seasickness. The past few weeks have been the worst and I don’t know what kind of ailment I’m potentially suffering from… Allergies? Inner ear problem? Too much salt and/or sugar? Maybe I shouldn’t have had garlic bread for dinner five days in a row. Maybe I’ve been meditating too much and I’ve astral projected right out of my body and don’t even know it.


There is a thing called “Ascension” that means when you start to shift to a higher state of consciousness and vibration/frequency, your body starts to change and rid itself of old energy it’s been hanging onto. Do I sound crazy? Heck yes I do! At least it sounds more interesting than boobooboo my ears are blocked boobooboo. I’m also not going to self-medicate with cayenne pepper and maple syrup, so don’t worry.

Anyways, Easter is almost here and I saw a video about dumping rice into a sock and squishing it around until it looks like a bunny. If that isn’t god’s gift to earth, I don’t know what is.

okay I am tired and dizzy and wish I had french bread pizza. I LOVE YOU BYE.



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