Songs I am Currently Obsessed Week (4/11)

Not surprising that I still listen to songs one million times in a row for weeks at a time. Very few are new too, so this list is extra special because I have one that was not written and recorded between 1993-1995! Here we go! Links are in the title of each song.


Hassle Magnet – Hallelujah the Hills

This is my new go-to song for driving when I want to stare out my window and be moody and pretend I’m a movie’s anti-hero that is about to put their foot through the front door of my arch nemesis who has just wronged me.

La Sonadora – Enya

Every time I hear this song I want to sit down in the middle of room and shut all the lights off and burn sage and astral project into another lifetime, thank you.

One Caress – Depeche Mode

I’ve listened to this song every day for the past two weeks. I plan on listening to it for 400 more consecutive weeks. I also would like to wear black lipstick and draw really dark and incredibly arched eyebrows on myself and twirl around in a black hooded cloak.

Hooray! What year are you perpetually stuck in? Any songs you’ve been singing lately? TELL ME. k love you.



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