I just jogged in-place in my room for about 30 seconds and now I’m very hot.

Sunday Night Notes!:

This weekend I went to MAINE and attended the Blue Stocking Film Festival. It was tres rad to go because it is a female focused festival with the mission to get more complex female protagonists on screen. HOORAY! The films were so funny, dark, and beautifully acted and I never thought once during it, “BUT…MEN?!” It was all astounding content and amazing people and hooray hooray hooray.

In other news, I finally got the opportunity to join a Pokemon Go team. I really thought I was going to be a Mystic (shoutout to my gelflings) but I ended up going with Team Instinct (the yellow one). I know everyone says Valor is the best but eh? We’ll see how it goes. I have about 47 books on hold for pickup at the library which happens to be next to a Poke Gym so I’ve got big plans after work.

In other-other news, the Museum of Science is doing it’s Bjork night at the planetarium, so I’m gonna sit, stare, and drool up at some stars while the Icelandic enchantress lures me away from my human experience. When I’m dropped back into my body, I’ll report on my findings.

Okay, it’s nappy-bye. 143xo smooch

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