Sad Topaz

I’ve been in a melancholic mindset lately. I have a lot of great stuff going on but my ego has been talking over all of that saying YOU SUUUUUUUCK. It’s harder when you’re in a constant rewards system because if your tweet doesn’t get any faves then why are you even alive still, right? Self worth is tricky, especially when presenting your projects or jokes because you ARE looking for the approval with a laugh but you can’t cultivate self worth from exterior forces or situations. This week has felt manic with my thoughts going up and down like YEAH! YOU CAN DO THIS! then switches to WOOOOW, WHO LET THIS ONE LOOSE. All this nervous energy is making me derail a little BUT it’s also great because I got THREE pitches approved from a website I adore. They are all do early next week so haha can I borrow your bandana to wipe the sweat off my upper lip. 

To make me feel better, here is one of my to-the-core favorite songs. Best heard through headphones : Topaz B52s 

Okay I love you. xo143

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