Oracle Boracle 

Sunday Night Notes:

Oh friends, as mentioned a couple times previously, I sometimes have a “sensitivity” when it comes to death or accidents that are about to happen. Sometimes I’m aware of them a few weeks or days prior and get a heavy feeling in my chest that something sad might happen. Other times  I just am thinking of seemingly random thoughts that eventually string together and make sense. 

The latter happened the other day when I woke up and immediately started thinking about hot air balloons and remembering a story I heard about a hot air balloon crash about 5 years ago. I had an image of a man crouching in the basket and wondered if the impact would still be too much to survive or if the deflated balloon material fell into basket, the weight would be too heavy on the human body. Again, these were my first thoughts. No phone, no TV, no exposure. 

I became aware of how much time I was thinking about it and thought “Why the hell are you thinking about this, get up.” I went into the kitchen and opened my laptop and first on the homepage was the breaking news about the fatal hot air balloon accident in Texas. Ooooookay.

 A little stunned I got up and went to throw laundry in while the washers were still free and to shake off whatever the hell that was. I unloaded the basket into the washer and as I tossed in the last armful, a sweater I haven’t seen in months (and to be honest, forgot I owned) fell to the  bottom of my 3ft tall hamper. 

“Oh god.” 

Of course it was the one item I own that has hot air balloons plastered on the front. Now, it doesn’t have to mean anything but out of all the things I own, out of all the laundry, out of all the colors/fabrics I could have picked go wash, out of all the items that I was loading, it was that one that fell out at that time. 

The universe and its synchronicities will never get old for me. Whether you feel there’s particular meaning for them or if it’s the acknowledgement that you saw the universal nod, or boil it down the coincidences, you have to admit it’s strange and also exciting.

Have you ever had any synchronicities or unexplained knowing? Tell me, I love that shit.

Okay, goodnight & smooches 143xo 💋

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