Down a Mountain

I went ziplining! Why? Because when it’s on Groupon it’s okay to do things you wouldn’t normally do for a reasonable price!

I’m an “indoor girl” but having the opportunity to go to New Hampshire and sniff some pinecones sounded fun. Usually I get anxious and have topical dreams in the days before entering a situation I’m unfamiliar with but this was one of the few times I’ve had nerve-wracking dreams AFTER the event occurred. I guess I wasn’t expecting to be ziplining down from the top of a mountain but then again, I have no idea what I thought it was. Maybe one of those backyard ziplines your neighbors you’re not really close to had but you still invited yourself over to play on it anyways.

But this wasn’t six feet off the ground. It was twenty-two hundred feet (plus) in the air, so almost a half mile, on a cord with your mouth open screaming and inhaling bugs on the way down. Well, I was screaming, no one else was which may be because you can control your own speed by yanking on a wooden handle bar and I yanked mine to 90mph. When you’re going that fast, you’re slamming into the wind and it whips you around so you’re spinning mid-air on your little cord. I made it though! It was interesting how silent it was when you move up into the mountains. To get up to the platforms you have to literally climb a spiral staircase into the sky. Halfway up you start walking into mist and clouds and can’t see anything but white. Kind of like the Republican National Convention. ZING!

Although it scared the shit out of me, I would probably go again. Maybe not eat the deep fried chocolate croissant before though.


Okay! I have some Reductress articles that were posted so I will be sharing those periodically!

Thank you goodnight love you smooch smooch xo 143 bye

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