Songs I Listen to Compulsively (9/18)

Heeeeeey friends!

I’m getting ready to take a choo-choo to Colorado so I’ve been curating my playlist for my railway adventures. My iPhone has reached its two year mark which means the battery drains if I even LOOK AT IT.  To avoid any extra clicking and searching in Spotify during my riiiiiIiiIiide, I’ve been adding songs like a loony tune. Naturally, I’ve added some songs I’ve listened to a bafillion times this week so, You know the drill, links are in the titles.


Chances Are  – Johnny Mathis  I had loooooong ignored this song but the other day I was standing at the kitchen sink,staring out the window, and it came out and it was soo loooovely. It’s one of those songs you hear in the background 400,000 times in your life you already know the words and because it seeps into you0r unconscious mind. Well at least I thought it was until I found out I only know  the part that says”chances are” but HAHA it’s in my range so I just sang a bunch of garbage words and it was pretty okay. There apparently is also a movie with Robert Downey Jr. that features the song but I have not seen  it yet but maybe it doesn’t even exist at all, who knows? Also I probably ignored this song for so long because his song “Wonderful, Wonderful” was featured in the XFiles episode “Home” and if you have any idea what I’m talking about then you know, fuck that song.

I’ve Finally Found Someone – Barbara Streisand and Bryan Adams

Apparently there is also a movie that goes along with this song which I haven’t seen but Jeff Bridges is in it so it must be great. Also I have never seen Google be more consistent with their answers than this (picture below). I completely forgot about this song until I found a mix CD I made in 8th grade had this as it’s closer. Heavy stuff for a fourteen year old. Every time this song comes on my Spotify I have to play it 3+ times, 1) to sing his part, 2) to sing her part, 3) to sing a mix of both of their parts, and maybe another few times just because this is AMERICA. Why, even just now I listened to it four times while writing this paragraph for it. Hooray!




Thinkin Bout You – Frank Ocean  Yeah, I am waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy late on this train but after some recent enlightenment I am very on board. This was his most played song on Spotify (to which I’m sure you are all saying “yeah we know”) so I gave it a little peeksiesqueaksiedoodledoo and then I just never stopped singing it. Especially the SNL performance that I linked above that has John Mayer on guitar (???) and lots of video games. Anyways, I have arrived and I am sorry I was so late. He crunched my heart up when he was featured on Beyonce’s Superpower which you should watch because zooeymama it’s good. But hey I just realized my shorts are inside out. Nothing to do with this and no segue but it’s just how it is.


alrighhhhttty.. I hope you all are having a lovely weekend and that all your dreams come true. I love you, bye xox smooch smooch 143 xo

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