At Least One of These is Terrible and I Bet You Can Guess Which One

Songs I’ve been ruining for myself this week. 🙂

Super Surprise #1  – My favorite recording of this song. Holy smokes. It makes you want to wear lingerie if only to sit in front of your TV and play PacMan and toss your head around to the rhythm and maybe order a crystal or two online.

Super Surprise #2 – Would make the top 3 musicians of my life experience. I’m shocked I didn’t write the lyrics myself. I appreciate the underlying sound (easier to hear near the end) similar to frogs chirping at night.

Surprise #3– When I was about 12 I stood in line at the mall for 5 hours to get my CD signed by this group. I’m pretty sure they were only three years older than me at the time. They broke up a year later. I don’t know remember the weird limo interlude, that’s not on the recording, but I like this song anyways and it holds up pretty well although my brother would remind me that it’s still “trash.” Then again, that’s the same person who pushed me down a flight of stairs and told me not to tell mom. I got revenge by dumping a bowl of cereal on his head a few weeks later. We are good friends to this day.

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