Downtown Lights

I finally renewed my website. Look at me go.

In between running up my data by playing Disney Emoji Blitz and getting my sixth wisdom tooth removed, I’ve been listening to Spotify’s Discover Weekly. It suggested this song and it’s all I care about now aside from the ice cream that’s still in my freezer.

The version I have is about seven minutes long but I guess you’ll just have to suffer knowing you’re only getting four minutes, wondering forever what the other three missing minutes contained. Well, I’ll tell you, it’s some guy hitting buttons on a synthesizer to make more swirly sounds and some sentence fragments vocalized by Paul Buchanan – or at least I think it is- the music video is so damn dark that honestly that could be anyone. You’ll need a stapler to keep all the lyrics together because it’s like eight pages long. Enjoy.

xo 143 bye

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