5 Year Anniversary

Yesterday was my 5 year WordPress anniversary! Remember when I spent like two years of that time submitting to McSweeney’s every day and posting all the rejected lists on here? Yeah, me too, and I’m considering erasing those stink bombs off the internet in case I become famous and someone sees I’m a fraud monster.

I think I was supposed to win a raffle last night because the guy called (my) number 196427 but he said 196457. No one had that number, and there were not a lot of people in the crowd, and we were some of the last people in the theatre… but if he was a dyslexic bebo like me he could’ve read the 2 as a 5. He was also using a dull flashlight to read the tickets. But I guess if he didn’t read it correctly and gave it to  someone else after he moved onto the next ticket then maybe I wasn’t supposed to win. I could’ve fallen off the swan boat and died. I should’ve mentioned earlier it was a ticket for swan boat rides. I want to ride a swan.

Anyways, in celebration of having a blog that I don’t regularly update, here is a song I’ve shared on here multiple times. I always seem to forget about it until it comes on every couple of months.  I’ve never let it play just once through by itself, I’ve always played it at least three times in a row. I realized maybe because it has kind of a unique song structure? There’s no real chorus or anything but I like Willow Smith’s lyrics because she’s a weird baby like me. Sparkle sparkle.

Okay please listen, bye! 143 xox

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