Rose Gold Minnie Express

Hello my feet are freezing but I just painted my toe nails so I guess I will suffer softly on my couch while watching one of the many Rush documentaries I have in my streaming queue.

I’ve been in a finicky mood lately. I can’t listen to music or watch TV or do most anything without feeling distracted. I might just be cranky because I’ve been eating cereal for most of my meals after a long hiatus from milk. I also get a little unbalanced when I feel I haven’t written a good joke or something funny in a while. It’s easy to slip out of feeling funny or just rusty in general. I can’t avoid the cliche that it is a muscle you have to work out constantly to see the results.

I canceled my subscription to Microsoft Office and have been using Pages on my MacBook. Something felt weird about paying $11 to use a word document. I think I might even like Pages more but I don’t know if that’s my velcro PowerPuff Girls wallet talking.

Another new thing, I  didn’t realize Kiki’s Delivery Service was 2 hours long so I haven’t finished it yet. There’s been an event on the Disney Emoji Blitz for “Rose Gold Minnie” so I’ve hung up reading and watching items for a short period of time (really short, about 48 hours)  to get Rose Gold Minnie so I can feel fulfilled for about 45 minutes.

I did put on a documentary on Hulu called Crazy About Tiffany’s and it made me feel really gross. When I was in high school the trends were North Face jackets, Coach purses and Tiffany’s  bracelet/necklace. How anyone in my high school could afford that or where they even got the idea that they needed it is beyond me. My grandmother got me a plated knock-off heart bracelet with a little plastic ruby in it. I’m embarrassed now that I was embarrassed by it then. I hope I still have it somewhere.

It was interesting watching the artistry with mixing the colors to get the “perfect” (read: trademarked) robin’s egg blue. Also the jewelers portion was curious to watch because I work in a small scale jewelry casting house and there doesn’t seem to be much variation.

Anyways, I just ordered a pizza and will now watch it on the pizza tracker until it arrives and  I can kiss it.


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