Yetti Baby

Yay! It’s February.

I started listening to the audiobook I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings after listening to an interview between Oprah and Dr. Maya Angelou. I’m enjoying it so far and connected to the parts where she pees her pants a lot. I use to pee my pants a lot when I was a baby too and by baby I mean up into high school years.

In other news, I’ve been gaining weight rapidly from my diet of Pepsi and Fudge Shop cookies. I’ve been enjoying my life as a warmer little squish butt. I think my stuffed animals appreciate it when they are cold and cuddle up at night.

If you’re wondering about the image attached to this post, it’s my newest baby who is on the way. She’s three feet tall and VERY floofy and currently driving an Amazon truck to see me. I’ve been looking up her tracking and it hasn’t been updated in three days and I’m hoping she is okay. Updates to come once she arrives and tucks me into bed.

Okay, I have to go shower for a million years to warm my bones.


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