Mid-June Update & Friends

It’s mid-June and I remembered to take my Iodine supplement for my thyroid. We can all relax now.

The last two months have been so particularly draining that I forgot I had a blog, let alone two. Please excuse the brevity and lack of cohesion. I guess now is as good a time as any to plug my cartoon page LonelyTrollGirl.com. Check it out!

I co-produce a monthly comedy show and it has been very rewarding but also it has made me into a person that drinks a lot of “stress relief” teas and considers showering “down time.” Meditation has helped but sometimes I confuse thinking about meditation with actually doing it.

Lonely Troll Girl was submitted to a few shows and projects but so far she’s been waitlisted on one and rejected from the other. We haven’t heard back from the third project and are anxiously awaiting a decision.

Goodreads has been another nice outlet to have. My goal for 2018 is to read 25 books. I believe I’m about halfway there. Sometimes my reading slows down when Disney Emoji Blitz has an event going on and I end up staring at my phone late into the night.

I started watching Impractical Jokers. Having never seen it, I thought it was stupid. However, one Sunday last month, I sat down for breakfast and turned on the TV. What looked like an older episode was on. I laughed out loud a few times and ended up being late for what I had scheduled that day because lost track of time. It’s been I-J and me ever since.

My birthday is coming up soon and I will be entering the last year of my twenties. It’s not so bad when you have already felt like you were in your 40s since you were 9. I say that as I’m lying in bed with my hips elevated to alleviate pressure but also with my laptop being supported by one of my many stuffed friends.

Now I’m off to finally catching up on Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe. So far the book and the movie have been extremely close. Down to some monologues verbatim. I’m so glad the movie was well done. I think about if my book was optioned and the movie ended up being trash, how I would feel. Hopefully, if that ever happens it’ll be a smash hit and either Danny Elfman or Thomas Newman will do the score. Thank you in  advance.

That’s it for me. I think it’s time for bed.


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