Magnets, man.

I recently got over some sort of cold or season allergy spell recently. My body has felt weighed down and stressed out the last few weeks so I was probably due for ailment. I try to drink a lot of water and stay away from sugars, dairy, and flour-based products but I recently wanted to step up what I was doing because I still didn’t feel well after I recovered.

I’m no stranger to holistic healing but I was skeptical when trying out an ionic foot bath treatment. I’ve used the foot patches, you apply to the bottom of your feet at night, that claim to removes toxins from your body. The patches would change color but I was still aware of the fact that that could just be a magic trick to make you think it’s your body have an affect on the patches, or vice versa.

The ionic foot bath I received took about 45minutes and really looked gnarly after I finished. I work in a jewelry casting house so I breathe in metal particles all day. That’s what that sediment at that bottom of the footbath is in the picture below. Mostly the detox started from my left foot, which the left side of my body has always been the side to get cramps or pain. My foot kept feeling like it was on pins and needles and it would rise up into my calves and into my stomach. IMG_0438

My stomach started gurgling a lot and it felt like my insides were moving around or adjusting. I felt a little dizzy after and went home to drink a lot of water.

That was about a week ago and I feel the urge to go back again. I feel much lighter and less stressed out.

While I was getting the foot bath done, I also got the pendant that is proudly displayed on the cover of this brief essay. It is said to block out electromagnetic radiation. I sit next to 3D printers all day and the amount of energy and electricity that is used to power them is overwhelming. So far I’ve felt better able to focus at work. Could it be the foot bath, the pendant, neither, or both?

Who knows, but there is nothing like killing a natural, healthy high then eating two bags of Peanut Butter M&Ms in bed!


You Formerly-Toxic Avenger

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