New Year, New Netflix Binge

Like the rest of the world, I recently started watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. I bought my mother the book a few years ago and I enjoyed reading it but I never committed to the strategy. Somewhat inadvertently, I’ve made some new changes since the new year. The underlying theme being “GET UP ALREADY!”

I’ve always wanted to consistently go to yoga, and despite there being several studios in my town, none of them had exactly what I was looking for. I happened to see an article in the town paper about a new studio up and they offered a “chakra flow” yoga. All my woowoo senses sparked and I signed up. I’ve already gone a couple times, found a new water bottle, and even got a lavender FitBit to keep myself moving around when I know I won’t be going to yoga. So hopefully walking up a flight of stairs won’t wind me anymore.

Another itch has been to get another tattoo. I’m thinking either a small four-leaf clover or a small magnolia. Who knows!

That’s my new year’s update for now.

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