Every post I write wants to begin with “So I haven’t written in a while…”

It’s an apology to myself for not doing this insignificant thing that I created for my own entertainment.

Once a year I get an anniversary email from Tumblr saying Happy Tumblrversary or some iteration of that on the one of three (or four?) Tumblr’s I set up for myself.

One was a cartoon character named Mr. Winkel. One was outfits I created inspired by cartoon characters. One was the food I was eating, plus a thought (e.g. Lunch: BLT, Thought: I prefer Simon over Garfunkel.) One was called Ahoy Matey’s and I have no idea what that was about aside from that when Pinterest was a sapling with about 15 pins (no exaggeration) I found a DIY shirt where you painted a whale with a speech bubble that said “AHOY!” and somehow that transferred over to the blog name.

Since my time away I have added a few more contributions to Reductress and worked on some cartoons and short films.

I haven’t worked on Troll Girl in a while because it started turning into a chore. Adding hashtags, trying to promote, trying to gain followers. I started drawing one a day as a way to focus my attention on something that wasn’t a negative thought, story, news article, song, etc. You will be hard pressed to find an upset Troll Girl. I purposely made her always laughing, smiling, curious, or restful. As it became more about eyes on screen, it became less about her. I think about her a lot but I think she is still resting. Trolls aren’t on the same sleep schedule as we are.

My 30th birthday is in less than a week. I googled “Things to Do Before You Turn 30” and all the suggestions were terrible, time consuming, or $15,000. It doesn’t feel like too much of a big leap anyway. Ever since I was little, I’ve always been 4 going on 45. Compared to how my peers have “jumped through the hoops” I’ve felt perpetually 14. Compared to how my peers speak and act, I’ve felt perpetually 900. I think they are much more grounded than I am, which I envy. Maybe it’s just all the past life work I’ve done.

Recently I saw a headline that read a science study has shown 2 hours of nature a week can make you a happier and healthier person. Those numbers seem awfully weak but by perspective, someone like myself who works in a windowless building, two hours of nature, even if it’s just walking around the work parking lot, is a heaping Rx.

I’ve eaten two hot dogs today.


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