It’s been a little over a month since I’ve turned 30. So far so good. I’ve listened to 5 true crime podcasts in (almost) their entirety, began switching to drinking iced tea almost exclusively, and got a temporary tooth.

For the podcasts, which I recommend:

Dr. Death

The Clearing (on-going, episodes out Thursday)

Dirty John

The Shrink Next Door

The Man in the Window

I put them in the order that I liked them. Although The Clearing and Dirty John are about even for me. All can be found on Spotify, which is how I listened to them.

For iced tea, my recommendation is Pure Leaf Tea House Collection “Black Tea…with a hint of Sicilian Lemon and Honeysuckle.” It’s not the healthiest way of drinking tea but boy, is it delicious.

For temporary teeth, I can’t say I recommend it but I’ll let you know when the permanent replacement comes in.

Back to the podcasts though. The new one I’ve been listening to is “COLD” which is about the Susan Powell missing person (and murder) case. This one is almost twice as long as the other podcasts, both in episode length/run-time and in episode numbers. I was vaguely familiar with this case when it happened in 2009 but didn’t know all the details of it, as I was only about a sophomore in college and didn’t watch too much cable news. Trigger warning, if you are interested in watching it, it does go into the trauma of domestic abuse in all its forms.


I’ve been sleeping a lot lately. Our family had quite the changing of months from July to August as we ushered in a wedding and a death on the same day. I’ve left behind some of my supplemental jobs and have been practicing more self Reiki and consistent meditation. I thought I’d be able to bounce back quicker but 5 months of minimal nights sleep has taken more of a toll that I realized. The whole iced tea diet probably isn’t helping.

We did get a new kitty though! That was a welcome change and unexpected. I think Sally approves of her new home. I’ll be spending time working from home with her in the following weeks so I’ll be able to give a more accurate assessment of our new life together.

In office life, I’ve received a new set of wheels. Don’t hold your breath, it’s not a company car. My new set of “roller blade office chair wheels” have arrived and have been installed. They are exactly as they sound. They are roller blade wheels that hook onto your office chair like any other type of office wheel. If you had no idea that your office chair could even detach its wheels, then you are in good company. The new wheels are quiet, don’t mark up the floors, and if you give even the most minimal push off, you will go rocketing into the printers at 40mph. I like them a lot.

Rolling off until next time.

143xox Lo

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