I’ve never tested positive for gluten intolerance but after eating bread for about a week, my shoulders are cramping and I keep getting zings of pain in my head.

Last week I had a seminar that was going to last a few hours and I wouldn’t have access to a fridge or eating facilities as the breaks were only going to be 20 minutes. I bought a loaf of bread, peanut butter, and an apricot spread, figuring I’d make a sandwich to take with me that wouldn’t require chilling. It did the trick and, as not to waste the loaf of the bread, I started eating sandwiches.

 I’ve maybe eaten 10 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in my life. About 6 of those sandwiches happened in the last week.

Peanut butter was never apart of my diet until college when, one day, I saw someone standing in front of a row of toasters, slathering smooth looking peanut butter onto a slice. I followed suit and the rest is history. I still don’t love peanut butter in large portions. I don’t think I could eat a spoonful out of a jar unless I was getting woozy from not eating. I know it is filling and delightful, so I do enjoy sparingly, unless in a Reese’s form, then in which case, I do not enjoy sparingly. My mother bought me a 1lb Reese’s Easter Bunny and I would’ve eaten the whole thing had it not threatened to break my teeth trying to chomp through his feet which were coated in 3 inches of solid chocolate.

A few years ago, after an excruciating experience of thinking I was having a heart attack, I ended up having a hiatal hernia. I’ve always had trouble eating flour-based products, as they never digested well, but after the hernia, I started getting strict about eating less flour and eating more green things (Like money! Especially for the amount of produce I had to buy to make up for the satiation flour creates.)

I felt a hell of a lot better.

Unfortunately, Italian subs are my favorite things even though they are basically a bomb to my digestive track, but I only have subs or sandwiches sparingly. Normally, I have a day of bloated discomfort and move on.

Today, I have yet to eat a sandwich. I’ve had no pain. I know there is half a sandwich waiting for me in the fridge and I’m getting hungry. Oh boy.

With food sensitivities, you find you’ve become your own test subject.

Is it….the flour? Is it….the yeast? Is it…the egg? It goes on and on.

It took me months to figure out Trader Joe’s chocolate bars gave me vertigo. I’ve recovered but moved onto the Cookie Butter and Cocoa Spread Swirl.

Highly recommended on graham crackers.   

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